Dr. L Danovan Whyte

Chief Medical Director/Natural Health Consultant

Dr. Leonard Whyte, MB,BS (UWI) is the founder and Chief Medical Director of Lifestyle Transformation Centre with approximately 35 years of extensive experience as a Medical Practitioner. His past experience includes working in public hospitals, medical centres and his own private practice. He has done extensive research and training in natural healing methods over the past 30 years incorporating a holistic approach in the care of his patients. The approach is holistic ... body, mind and spirit under the guidance of the law of love.

At the Lifestyle Transformation Centre Dr. Whyte offers holistic therapy which incorporates conventional, natural and energy therapies which include--Preventive and Family Medicine, Acupuncture, Herbology, Chiropractic, Nutritional and Ozone therapies, Spiritual Guidance, Emotional Release, Stress Therapy, Meditation, Live Blood Analysis, Computerized Electro-Dermal Testing, Rife Frequency treatments, Bioenergetic testing and Biofeedback, and EIS technologies. He has been conducting various seminars and workshops in the public and private sector communities, as well as NGOs--- Medical Association of Jamaica, Association of General Practitioners, Workplace Intervention Programmes, Health Retreats, Communities, Schools, Churches, etc.

Dr. Whyte brings to Lifestyle Transformation Centre a wealth of knowledge on health and wellness information that has been used to assist patients in overcoming major disease conditions such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, drug and alcohol addiction, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and other immuno-compromised cases. He has explored the world of alternative therapies with fascinating results and is therefore in a position to share with his clients the best of both worlds.

His professional affiliation includes:
 Director, National Council on Drug Abuse
 Member, Medical Association of Jamaica
 Past President, Association of General Practitioners
 Past President, Medical Association of Jamaica (western Branch)
 Founder and President, Natural Healing Foundation Cooperative Society Limited
 Past President, International Medical Spa Association (Caribbean Chapter)
 Lead Group Committee Member on the development of competency standards for the Wellness Industry, facilitated by NCT/VET

Dr. Whyte’s most recent publication is entitled “Perfect Health is Unquestionably Yours”, which can be found in major books and natural health stores. He is aired regularly on Irie FM Radio “Running Africa” and “Sexwise”, Vybz FM, TVJ.he also has his own radio programme ‘YOUR HEALTH MATTERS’ on Newstalk 93 fm Wednesday nights at 9-11 pm – addressing issues relating to physical, emotional and spiritual health”. Dr. Whyte has explored the world of complementary medicine to provide his patients with the best possible options for their healing. He is always willing to share the knowledge and wisdom of his experience by helping others to achieve full potential. He has brought many talents to Lifestyle Transformation Centre and is committed to optimizing the treatment success for all of his clients.

12:00 - 12:45 P.M.

Friday 11th Nov

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