The Hon. Dickon Mitchell

Prime Minister of Grenada

The Honourable Dickon Mitchell is a Grenadian politician and attorney serving as the ninth Prime Minister of Grenada.

Dickon Mitchell’s story is one of success, which came from hard work, sacrifice, determination, and a deep desire for betterment.

Dickon began his service to Grenada in 1996 when he took a teaching position at his Alma Mater, the Presentation Brothers College. At this point, he was already aware of the transformational power of education, but this two-year stint allowed him to appreciate the full spectrum of the educational experience in Grenada. It cemented his desire to do more by advocating for the educational advancement of all Grenadians.

In 1998, Dickon enrolled at the University of the West Indies in pursuit of a law degree. After completing Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad, his commitment to serve Grenada brought him straight home where he commenced his law practice at Grant, Joseph, and Co. and immediately distinguished himself as a formidable lawyer, representing many individuals and business entities. Three years later, he would acquire Grant, Joseph, and Co.

In 2016, Dickon opened another law firm, Mitchell & Co, a manoeuvre strongly influenced by his vision to create more employment for young and upcoming lawyers. His ambitions have always been tethered to his desire to give back and, as such, Dickon has never divorced himself from the community.

Dickon Mitchell’s collective experiences as a teacher, mentor, lawyer and youth advocate shaped his commitment to Grenada and motivated his decision to enter the political arena.

His vision, steeped in a love for country, is to transform Grenada into a prosperous and stable democracy, capable of sustaining a high quality of life for all its people.

On June 23, 2022, only eight months into his political career, Dickon led his party to victory. He was sworn in on June 24, 2022.

As Prime Minister, Dickon is working, with his Cabinet of Ministers, to move Grenada forward — building the foundation for an equitable society that takes pride in its culture, heritage and identity.

8:45 - 9:30 A.M.

Thursday 10th Nov

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